PPG Protective Marine Coatings

Full Customer Digital Experience

Team's Role: Usability Testing, User Experience & User Interface/Visual Design, Front-end Development


Under my guidance and supervision, all of the front-end markup was handled by my design team. Rather than spending countless hours building prototypes and screen comps to test with customers and review with the business, and later only have to hand off to our development team to rebuild with zero context, we started building the end product the first week of the project.

This manner of working was highly influenced by an article published by Joshua Clark in 2018 entitled "Only One Deliverable Matters".

What Did This Look Like?

Our project kickoff started on a marker board with the main stakeholder in the room collaborating with my team. Understanding her needs and wants and looking at it through the eyes of our customer in a very lean manner helped us uncover answers and make design assumptions very quickly

Within a matter of days, these marker board drawings were turned into functional HTML and CSS that were capable of running in browser, and more importantly, capable of being usability tested with our customers. Because the HTML wasn't polished, customers didn't get hung up on the aesthetics of the website, but rather the content and functionality that they needed from PPG to do business with us.

As we continued iterating on our content and functionality and repeatedly testing it with end users, it became very clear that we were building what our users needed from our website. Once content and components were established, then my team started experimenting with the user interface design to make the website look beautiful and on brand. Because my team was handling all of the UX, UI and front-end markup, collaboration was very simple between the disciplines, and the amount of effort necessary to do design exploration and UI design was minimal.

An effort of designing a website in Photoshop which would have historically taken dozens of hours was consolidated into probably a day's worth of effort. And all of the effort to create prototypes was now re-focused into the effort of creating the actual end product – the website itself.

PPG PMC Screenshot

Companies I've Worked With

  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Disney
  • Giant Eagle
  • Glidden Paint
  • The Home Depot
  • Liquid Nails
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
  • Lutron Electronics Inc.
  • Nautica
  • Olympic Stains
  • PPG Industries
  • Walmart